Protocols for COVID-19


We are doing our best to be sure that everyone feels safe and comfortable. We stress the importance of being double vaccinated and/or having a lateral flow test before each lesson.

At the same time, from September onwards, there is no need for fixed partners and every dancer can remain with the same partner or rotate during the course of the lesson. It is completely up to each dancer. There is no need for booking in advance but getting in touch before arriving for the first time is recommended.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Learn how to dance tango with a playful approach, enjoying the dance, the music and the culture!
Everyone is welcome in our inclusive, fun and friendly lessons.
There are classes for beginners and improvers.

We are looking forward to seeing you whether this is your first foray into tango or you are returning from a break of dancing.

About Us



Melanie and Lucas met in a tango dance floor in New Zealand, as far from Norwich (Melanie’s birth place) and Buenos Aires (Lucas’) as can possibly be. By that time, Lucas was a backpacker and trying to taste a little bit of everything and everywhere, having done classic guitar and piano as a musician, Lindy Hop, contemporary dance, dance theatre and corporal expressionism among others. But tango was taking over after having heard it from an early age when his mother and grandfather sat in the sofa to sing tangos and milongas to the family.
Melanie had a classic ballet background, playing with modern and acrobatics on the way until reaching the fever of tango in those distant lands, inspired by a group of doctors who wanted to find a more human connection with their patients.
Since then, they both have been dancing, learning and teaching together, half of their lives in Buenos Aires and the other half in England. They have travelled from an open embrace and a more experimental approach to a more traditional and technical style of dancing but trying always to keep the fun and the passion which gave them the best tandas and a tiny tanguera and tanguero, Eloisa and Leon.

News and curiosities…

Por una cabeza (Just by one head)

Por una cabeza (Just by one head)

In a tango dystopia, we may end up dancing with masks forever, move towards gas masks, diving suits or even opt for a safer hologram partner. Indeed, the proximity between heads among tango dancers could easily be perceived nowadays with caution from a hygienic point...

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The fever of tango and the Yellow fever

The fever of tango and the Yellow fever

Now that we are brave (and careful) to prepare ourselves to dance in the context of a pandemic, it is worth remembering that Tango itself originated during another massive epidemic that transformed the city of Buenos Aires: The Yellow Fever.That epidemic spread...

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To return

To return

It hasn’t been quite 20 years since we last danced tango, but it definitely feels like it. “Volver”, written in 1934 by Alfredo Le Pera with the music by Carlos Gardel is probably a good inspirational point to prepare our return. In tune with most of Le Pera’s tangos,...

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