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With roots from Buenos Aires, Norwich, France, Italy and New Zealand, our dance style is as eclectic as our origins!

We would like to show off that we were both born in the dangerous suburbs of Buenos Aires, learning how to survive with a sharp knife always in our back pocket, hearing lullabies with a sad bandoneon in the background and crying out for our misfortunes. But it is not completely the truth. In a way, our story resembles more the one of those peregrin immigrants who came to Argentina at the beginning of the XXth century: 10 years ago, we meet in a tango dance floor in Napier, New Zealand, as far from Norwich (Melanie’s born place) and Buenos Aires (Lucas’) as can possibly can be.

Since then, they both have been dancing, learning and teaching together, half of their lives in Buenos Aires and the other half in England. They have travelled from an open embrace and a more experimental approach to a more traditional and technical style of dancing but trying always to keep the fun and the passion which gave them the best tandas and a beautiful tiny tanguera, Eloisa.    

Lucas Gastiarena

Lucas was a bearded backpacker in New Zealand when he first met and danced with Melanie. He was then trying to taste a little bit of everything and everywhere, and the same applied to his dance experience, having done classic guitar and piano as a musician, Lindy Hop, contemporary dance, dance theatre and corporal expressionism among others. But tango was taking over after having danced in Buenos Aires for a few years and hearing it when in his childhood his mother and grandfather sat in the sofa to sing tangos and milongas to the family.  He started dancing back in 2002 in Buenos Aires with a wide range of teachers and styles, fluctuating from experimental new tango and back to the traditional roots and he keeps doing so in his split life, half in Buenos Aires, learning and dancing, half in the UK, teaching and spreading the tango dance and culture as much as possible.

Melanie Jarman

Melanie had a classic ballet background from an early age, playing with modern and acrobatics on the way until reaching the fever of tango in the distant lands of New Zealand in 2008, inspired by a group of doctors who wanted to find a more human connection with their patients, and searching in the practice with the tango embrace a good way to find it.
She started dancing with Lucas in 2009 and spent several years in Buenos Aires perfecting her technique and connection in every possible class and milonga available in there. Back in the UK, she co created Tango in the Peaks and has been teaching lessons and seminars since then with regular trips to Buenos Aires to keep on improving in a long learning processes that may never end...

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